F/A 18 Super Hornet Simulator

Air Combat Centre are the leaders in delivering Fast Jet Simulator Experiences to the Air Force and the public for over 10 years. We now have added another F/A-18 simulator in Sydney and are expanding the range of simulators available..

Come and enjoy the exhilarating experience of flying the state of the art F/A-18 Super Hornet Fighter Jet. Our instructors have extensive experience, they will not only teach how to fly this very sophisticated aircraft but take you into a combat mission.

If you are looking for that Top Gun experience and a craving for that need for speed then look no further book your flight now.

We have two Super Hornet Simulators in Brisbane, so book in with a friend and enjoy this unique experience together.

Be sure to check whether you are purchasing a simulator experience in your chosen location, ie. Brisbane or Sydney.

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30 Minute Mission - RRP $198.00 

Our 30 minute mission is designed to give you a taste of what flying a fast jet is really like. Be warned though; it's addictive.

The experience will allow you to fully experience the aircraft and the capabilities it really has offer. Strap in and become a Top Gun.

You will be expertly briefed by our instructors, taken into the jet and given instruction through your flight. Bomb ranges, take on enemy fighters or target drones, this mission will have you buzzing.

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60 Minute Mission - RRP $319.00

Our 60 minute experience is the real deal. You will have the opportunity to really feel like a Top Gun, with a full hour in the cockpit. 

Like the 30 minute experience, you will have an expert instructor with you and you'll be briefed the whole way through.

Unlike the 30 minute experience, we open a whole range of missions to you. With exciting sorties such as air-to-air refuelling, fighting an aggressor, buzzing aircraft carriers, taking on the skyline at low level and high speed or even being the fly past for RiverFire - this experience is our best package and you will love every minute!

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